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Handle type semi-automatic-Functional C type

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CHI-101 Handle type semi-automatic -
Functional C type


Clothes drying rack is a daily necessary, and more than one is required for a household. Market of clothes drying racks is indefinitely extensive even in our country. It has become fair that we, living in the age of national income per capita USD20,000, pursue more attractive and comfortable life.

Until now it is true that problems (string snap, string twist, rust) of clothes drying racks cause stress and incidental work. Many housewives get stressed due to domestic work.
The product is a patented invention product, which has improved such diverse problems.

It is equipped with ‘Kill five birds with one stone’ function first in the world. (Clothes hanger washing, blanket washing, small washing, sports shoe drying, laundry basket can be hanged together on the bars)

Equipped with easy hanging-out function, we acquired various patents and licenses!
Our clothes drying rack is selected as Excellent Goods by various media sources and Small & Medium Business Promotion Agency.


- Constituents
[main body + semi-automatic handle + drying bar 2 lines]


  • Easy to use
    Turn the handle, and you can lift or drop it freely to the desired height.
  • Stainless steel allows rust-proof, clean, and semi-permanent use.
  • Individual working of each clothes drying bar provides wide work space and comfortable wash hanging-out at a narrow veranda.
  • Used for diverse areas like clothes drying racks, market display, or hangers in need of lifting/dropping
  • Simple handle type easy to use for men and women of all ages
  • For a prestigious living space, matching clothes drying rack is required.
  • Clothes drying rack made with pure domestic technology combined with thed most advanced technologies in the world
  • Installation is possible at any place.
    (Install at any place like a high place, narrow space, gypsum board, louver, texture, dryvit, sandwich panel, where convenient and efficient clothes drying rack is necessary!!)
  • This new conceptual clothes drying rack already known for several patent technologies and by various media sources (TV, magazines, newspapers)


  1. Semi-permanent use only with one construction
  2. No glitch, cheap price
  3. Operable with only 1/10 force
  4. Handy for the old and the weak
  5. Safety stop function embedded to lift/drop the drying rack at the desired position.
  6. Rustproof with stainless steel material
  7. No snap and rust by attaching stainless steel wires
  8. Application of brass to roller reduces wire abrasion.
  9. You can work while hanging the clothes basket.
  10. After hanging the washing out at the desired position (standing height), lift it to the ceiling for maximizing a veranda space.
  11. Installation possible with special construction at any place (gypsum board, texture, dryvit, sandwich panel, PVC, ceiling material, steel plate)
  12. Presentation of clothespin 20 ea to gather up a lot of washing only in a second (broadcast on Imagination showdown, KBS 2 TV)
  13. Air dry deep to the inside of blanket washing
  14. You can hang up to 30 ea of clothes hangers.
  15. Wire anti-entangling function is embedded to prevent wire twisting.
  16. Press and mass communications praise this clothes drying rack very highly.


  • Patent No. 10-0416480: Semi-automatic clothes drying rack
  • Patent No. 10-2011-0081987: Clothes drying rack equipped with ventilation members
  • Registration No. 40-0746054: Trademark registration of ‘Paleneoreumi’
  • Small & Medium Business Administration: Participated in Vietnam Exhibition / Shanghai Exhibition
  • Certificate of Trade Business Number: Trade Business Number 14140099
  • Environment Management System: ISO 14001:2004/KS Q ISO 14001:2004