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[Sick House Syndrome preventive agent – ACTIVA707]
Hello! Let me introduce myself, CEO Sul Mok Park, Charmgil Co., Ltd.
We want to see customers in person and explain our products, but under practical circumstances we are sorry to greet you first in this paper. We had researched and developed a Sick House Syndrome preventive agent called ACTIVA707 (liquid charcoal applying growth light wave energy), and finally acquired from the Korea Intellectual Property Office an invention patent on the manufacturing method of harmful material blocker applied to construction interior materials: Patent No.10-0917739, September 9, 2009; Trademark Registration No. 45-0028785; ISO14001:2004/KS Q ISO 14001:2004; Certification No. 660608 (first in the world for the same kind). 

Added to these, we were awarded the grand prize of green management and selected as Korea new growth power future leading business, and also acquired the grand prize of promising brand, and now have various licenses. Hence we are confident that our product is the best one in the area of Sick House Syndrome, when compared with any products home and abroad.
Like the words, “The most Korean thing is the most worldwide thing,” our product is made with best materials indigenous to our country, under the notion that “Honesty is the best policy for trade.” 

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  • Company NameChamgil Co. Ltd.
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2009
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main Markets
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentSul Mok Park
  • Phone+82-32-1577-2707
  • FAX+82-32-523-1192
  • AddressCharmgil Co., Ltd. 4th floor, SS Autron, 175-21, Chungchun 1-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon City
  • Product Category Chemicals > Paint & Coatings
    Home & Garden > Home Storage & Organization > Clothes Hooks

Additional Introduction


Cham Gil Inc.

Honesty is the best method of business

We think about you and future

Our earth has been destroying by the global warming.

Because of this .a new unexpecting virus threats to our health and take away our life.

A mass of harmful things come out from the new house after transfer the house.

These kinds of harmful things could be caused to respiratory disease, atopy and various kinds of skin disease.

Korean medical association discovered that many people are dying from the harmful things which come out from the concrete. The most harmful thing is radon(caused to cancer),promaldrehid and other 16kinds of harmful things.

Many landlords have measured air quality and announced a result for 60days with the approval of the chief of city, county.


Many sick house syndrome prevention products came out after this happened but they were not practical and disappeared

In addition, many imitation products named liquid charcoal paint has came out

However this was also caused to grievances and complaints from consumers.

We invent best quality products of the world unlike other products.

Ingredients of this product are 3kinds of charcoal Because each charcoal has different function.

(other company use only 1 kind of low quality charcoal)

And then we found out that activated carbon charcoal has more 240times deodorization feature than normal charcoal.

Ministry of national defense Use This activated carbon charcoal delivers as an ingredient of gas mask in the same way many water purifier companies use this charcoal. This also used as cigarette filter of KT&G(most famous cigarette production company in KOREA)

By this truth we are sure that this is the best .

Let me talk you about the binder that forms viscous.

The most important thing of charcoal is the air pore

Charcoal sticks tiny harmful substances to its body by it selves.

But the problem is the binder which forms viscous.

Many Disputes and complaints arise from consumer Because the Industrial plastic binder sometimes blocks the air pore of charcoal to decreasing its feature.


Compared to other common bond This binder (bond) of ACTIVA 707 has 3times adhesive strength with the oil(resin oil, orange oil, linseed oil, soybean oil and paulownia oil)


Next let me talk you about mosquito prevention function

We can see mosquito even in the winter because of global warming

These mosquitoes suck blood from human body to survive and produce larva



At first once mosquito comes in your house then female mosquito produces larva

This product prevents that mosquito inhabit a house

This ACTIVA707 is harmless to human body because, Its made of the Natural vegetable substances we eat.

Of course this also helpful for the deodorization function, elimination mold function, control humidity function, decreasing heating function, release infrared ,release anion, electromagnetic protection, blocking water vein, release the metal from inside the body effect, elimination ant. And many other harmful substances.

This product deserves to called as a protection of our family.

Next let me explain about anion ingredient.

Anion could classified into two kinds anion and artificially anion

Natural anion comes out from the water falls, deep in the mountain, sea.

Next is artificially anion.

This contains a mixture extracted from mineral. It uses to emitted harmful substances from the body.

But it could be harmful by the emission of radiation if it is more than 1500 per cc.

Some people misapprehend that the ratio of anion Is good even if its ratio is over the thousands ration.

This activa707 was made to maintain 1100~1300cc per cc

This time let me talk you about the main technology ACTIVA

Meaning of ACTIVA come from Greek bio


What emitted from the ACITIVA is the mixture substance with the aluminum silicate (possible ingestion)and 20kinds of substances(natural mineral, germanium, gold, calcium, ion) patent substances which first developed in KOREA

If want to business with our product. I suggest that you try this product first.

I think that you are not ready to do business before you aware of your product.

The most unfortunate thing is we got fail in price competition because our product being considered as other imitate product.

People might think that is useless thing that we use mixture of special material.

It is useless if paint is affected by wallpaper and finishing material even if it uses good ingredient because we use embrocation before processed to paint. But this ACTIVA707 (liquid charcoal paint)Is not affected by wall paper and finishing material because a radiation nuclear cant passing through the substances of ACTIVA .Therefore What things will be performed with ACTIVA707 is prevent from various kinds of bacterial and passing through a finishing materials with far infrared radiation.



Patent and certification, appeared on television

Obtain a invention patent, obtain a ISO 14001,passing the KOREA far infrared radiation experimental results(emissivity 0.922,radiant energy 3.55X10², anion 1.228,deodorization 120minutes 92%, 5 harmful substances(pd leaden, as arsenic, cd cadmium, cr chromium, hg hydrargyrum) are not detected ,registered a trademark, received the brand grand price from KYUNGHYANG newspaper, broadcasted on SBS morning wide, broadcasted on KOREA interior broadcasting , introduced in living magazine, reported on INCHEON BUPYUNG newspaper, exhibited at MBC EXPO Building 16th, 18th, 20th ,22th , exhibited at KYUNGHYANG Housing Fair 23th,24th , exhibited at BUSAN KYUNGHYANG Housing Fair, Application for a USA FDA is pending.

For more details please visit our website


All contents are based on the truth.


sul-mok park

Chief Excutive Officer